Haresh Enterprises Pte. Ltd.

Haresh Enterprises (S) Pte. Ltd., formerly known as Haresh Enterprises has been established in Singapore since 1985. At Haresh Enterprises, we distribute toiletries, perfumes & color cosmetics consisting of nail polish, eye shadows, blushers, make up kits, lipsticks, eye pencils, lip liners, mascaras, powder puffs, beauty implements and many more in our own brands such as Rhomlon, Dhavina and Daboo.

We are also currently the sole distributors for brands such as Marico Products, Godrej consumer products, Lolane, Sutla, Zubedah Henna, Plumari Hair products, CODE 10 hair products, Yoko beauty products, Pop creams, Laila products and Supermax products in Singapore.

Our customers in Singapore, consists of cosmetic stores, supermarkets, hypermarts, hair salons, Make up Schools, Nail Salon and Spas throughout the country such as Chamelon, Aries, Mustafa, Haniffa Textiles, Big Box, Sheng Siong Supermarket etc. All our products are of EEC, FDA standards and approved by Health Sciences Authority of Singapore.

In 2003

Haresh Enterprises Sdn. Bhd. was set up in Kuala Lumpur to service and improve on our existing customer base in Malaysia. Besides distributing products of our in house brands, we also distribute products for brands such as Marico Products, Sutla, Yahoo Henna, Plumari Hair products, POP creams, Zubedah Henna, Laila products and Yoko products for which we are the distributors in Malaysia. Our Customers in Malaysia consists of cosmetic stores, supermarkets, departmental stores, hypermarts throughout Malaysia.

In 2009

Haresh Enterprises Sdn. Bhd expanded its product line by adding the B Smart brand, which consists of products such as torch lights, rechargeable lamps, solar lamps, blankets, luggage bags.

In 2012

Haresh Abadi Sejahtera was set up in Jakarta to cater to Indonesian market. In Indonesia, PT. Haresh Abadi Sejahtera distributes Rhomlon, Dhavina and Daboo and is also the sole distributor for Supermax brand of products. PT. Haresh Abadi Sejahtera boasts a distribution network throughout the whole of Indonesia. All our cosmetic products distributed in Indonesia have approved BPOM numbers.

At Haresh Enterprises (S) Pte. Ltd., we focus on providing our customers with good quality products at cost effective prices. We ensure that every product, which leaves our premises for delivery to our customers, meets our minimum quality standards.