Franch Oil (120 ml)

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1. Small Burns and Scalds: There are a lot of chances to expose ourselves to direct fire and boiled liquid while cooking sometime on careless handling this may cause burns and scalds. On such conditions apply Franch Oil NH* Plus on the burn and scalds gently to get relief from pain. 2. Wounds and Abrasion: It is very common we may get cuts and wounds while cooking and also the children while playing. To get relief apply Franch Oil NH* Plus on the wounds smoothly. 3. Abdominal Pain in Children: Normal abdominal pain is very common in children. Apply Franch Oil NH* plus around the naval area to get relief. 4. Menstrual Pain: Most of the women experience abdominal pain and cramps during menstruation and it disturb their routine life. Apply Franch Oil NH* Plus in the lower abdominal area to get a relief. 5. Sanitary Napkins Itching: Constant use of sanitary napkins and undergarments gives allergies, itches and burning sensation in the used areas. Use of Franch Oil NH* Plus will give relief. 6. Stretch Marks: The stretch marks developed during pregnancy will be removed after continuous using of Franch Oil NH* Plus within the sufficient period. 7. Sexual Relationship Pain: Apply Franch Oil NH* Plus to prevent the pain during intercourse and acts as lubricant. 8. Pimples: Apply Franch Oil NH* Plus around black circle under the eyes, pimples and black spot to get a glowing appearance on face. 9. After Shave Allergy: After shaving apply Franch Oil NH* Plus freely on the face to get rid of scratches, allergies, wrinkles and minor inflammations and enhance of glowing skin. 10. Itching: While using shoes and socks apply Franch Oil NH* Plus in the legs to avoid skin rashes and itching. 11. Cracked Lips: Apply Franch Oil NH* Plus in the affected area of the lips to heal the lip crack and to avoid further development of lip cracks. 12. External Piles: External piles irritation will be smoothed by using Franch Oil NH* Plus. 13. Corns: Apply sufficient amount of Franch Oil NH* Plus to avoid pain in corn and itches due to fungal infection in toes and legs. 14. Muscular Pain: For muscular sprain, pain and aches in knees apply Franch Oil NH* Plus gently and give massage with hot water fermentation. 15. Dry Skin: Applying Franch Oil NH* Plus in cold weather condition will help to maintain the skin texture glowing and also avoid dryness, wrinkles, itches and allergies due to chillness weather. 16. Bed Sore: For bed sores, small ulcers apply Franch Oil NH* Plus to give smoothing effect in the bed sores and also to give comforts. 17. Skin Problem: Skin problem due to hereditary reasons, skin allergies and healing can be relieved by continuous use of Franch Oil NH* Plus. 18. Body Heat: Some individuals may constantly expose themselves to heat radiation due to their job nature. This produce excess heat in the body. Apply Franch Oil NH* Plus from head to toe and massage. After ½ hour take bath which will reduce the heat and give normal feeling with freshness. 19. Hair Care: Mix equal amount of Franch Oil NH* Plus and Pure Coconut Oil (Franch Oil NH* Plus 100ml + Pure Coconut Oil 100ml). Apply this oil on scalp, especially on hair roots daily and take bath after ½ hour. This will give relief from hair loss, dandruff, split hairs, early graying and provides shiny long lustrous hair. Those who have cold body constitution should mix 100ml of Franch Oil NH* Plus with 200ml of Pure Coconut Oil and use as above. 20. Hair Dye Allergy: Hair Dye which you use may contain some harmful chemicals. This may harm the skin on your scalp and eyes. After 1 day from the application of hair dye, apply Franch Oil NH* Plus directly on the hair & the hair roots, massage it thoroughly. After ½ hour wash your hair with shampoo. Repeat this treatment for minimum 3 to 7 days. With this you can avoid the side effects caused by the harmful chemicals that may be present in the hair dye.