Franch Perfect Restore Intensive Repair Shampoo Coconut Herbal Shampoo (200 ml)

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Franch Herbal Shampoo Herbs play an important role in traditional Indian and Chinese medication. In recent times herbs have come to dominate the western world as natural remedies. The reason for their popularity is that they are far less expensive and much safer than the chemical alternatives. Consumers spend millions of dollars each year on expensive products that promise to help them grow their hair. The fact is, many of these products are not effective and they contain chemicals that are abrasive and sometimes harmful. Other cultures have long used herbal remedies to successfully help hair grow. Natural shampoo removes all grime, pollution, excess oil and dirt while preventing scalp problems such as dandruff by cleansing microbial infections of the scalp. Now, you can experience the complete blend of herbal and natural ingredients of Franch Herbal Shampoo's that are enriched with Franch OIL NH* for a holistic treatment. Franch OIL NH* (castor oil) is traditionally used for preventing hair fall while stimulating hair growth. Franch OIL contains Vitamin D which is essential in promoting hair growth, reducing psoriasis and flaky scalp. Franch Herbal Shampoo Range consist of Shikakai Shampoo and Aloe Vera Shampoo. Each provides a specific benefit in the prevention and treatment of hair loss. Franch Herbal Shampoo's are formulated to Nourish & Protect your hair and scalp from any type of hair problems. Franch Herbal Shampoo's are effective for all ages of men, women and children.