Godrej Protekt - Hand Sanitizer (30 ml) Alcohol Free, Baby Safe Spray Sanitizer

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-Alcohol Free -Baby Safe An ordinary hand sanitizer stops working when you touch something. The alcohol in it dries your palms and the Triclosan does more bad than good. This sanitizer protects you from germs for 8 hours, is naturally derived and alcohol free. We didn't know of any other sanitizer that packs all this in such a nice little recyclable spray bottle. That's why we call it not just another hand sanitizer. Anything, but ordinary.

Protects you from germs for 8 hours

Naturally derived and alcohol free
Skin safe
Sprays better coverage
200 sprays
Spreads better, spreads faster
Fits in your pocket
100 percent recyclable
100 percent reusable
100 percent guilt-free